Tuesday, August 2, 2011

july was...eventful.

you know the rules -- a phrase a day for each day of july.

best kind of fireworks.
sounds of silence.
slice of ohio.
one of the big kids.
you're that TV girl.
money maker.
chips / one.5
my asthma.
rib master.
season 2 complete.
montage maker.
baseball HP surprise.
determined to finish.
blood, sweat and tears.
finally done.
truth or dare.
pretzel bread.
time to think.
super sandy storms / not-so-baby d.
so you think you can what?
back in the grind.
this is why.
number one fan.
christmas cookies.
rib mountain run.
breaking it down.
we already know.
wausau's best news crew.
ice cream experiment.
love love love.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I am curious about 'We already know.'I'm gonna assume it's somehow related to those who feel the need to let you know EVERY day how much they love their fiance whom they're marrying in 'this many' days.

[Red Sox] Wife said...

super sandy storms :) dustbuster????

I think I am doing a word a day this month... wish me lucks! love you!

sarah said...

YESSSSSS you've converted Ruth, too!! Pretzel bread is a must to make when you come out here (: Pretzel burgers = <3. Love love love you!