Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the worst part about being in a car accident.

^ you get a zillion letters from attorneys who want you to hire them.
who knew reporters weren't the only ones to read police reports?
^ the girl who hit my car last thursday.

did i mention i got rear-ended last week?
i did.
we weren't driving too fast, but lex got pretty scratched up.
(something that will hopefully be fixed up soon)

more importantly, i made a SOUFFLE.
^ easy cheese souffle.

want to see some other random pictures?
^ styx concert last friday
(yes...the 80's band STYX came to wausau.
and yes...they played "come sail away.")
^ me on TV in the new HD studio.
where i WON'T be after tomorrow because i'll be in OHIO and UTAH.
can't wait to see all of you soon!


sarah said...

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh you are going to practically be here in 24 hours!! Can't wait to play/make souffle (weirdest spelled word ever??)/shop at H&M/etc.etc.etc.

Hope Lex gets fixed up soon...and I also think it's hilarious that you took a picture of the girl's car hahaa. <3 so smart.

Briane P said...

So much to comment on. First, that souffle looks amazing.

Second, I love the song "Come Sail Away," perhaps a little too much:

Third, the important thing to remember in an accident is that YOU ALMOST CERTAINLY SUFFERED LOTS OF PAIN AND ALSO SUFFERING AND OUR FIRM CAN HELP YOU AND... whew! My old law school training just came out of NOWHERE. Hope you're doing all right! Ignore those letters; good lawyers don't send solicitations.