Wednesday, August 15, 2012

so far, so good.

in the past week -- 

...i ran the susan g. komen race for the cure 5K 
and set a new PR for my race time (and also for a single mile). 
...sports boy and i made a GIANT batch of puppy chow.
between the two of us, we ate the entire bag within 24 hours.
(three different sittings -- after dinner on friday, breakfast on saturday morning and then an evening snack at work)
...i left work EARLY one day, went for a nice run and spent the evening at sports boy's softball game.
we also watched MasterChef (not pictured).
it is about regular home cooks who compete to be the best chef ever.
my new goal is to be on that show someday.
...i covered a republican u.s. senate primary race from the milwaukee area and it was actually a not-bad election experience.
(longer post about this later)
...and as of today, i've been working at WAOW for exactly 23 months.
this file has every important thing i've kept in that time.


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

holy pr batman!!

you already are a masterchef.

and you're a babe. nothing new.


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

ps totally making puppy chow on friday for my class! thinking of you (: