Tuesday, September 4, 2012

election day as a reporter.

last month, we had a primary election for wisconsin.
so my photog (kevin) and i went to west bend to cover our part.

first we got a little mixed up with the directions
and ended up on a (well-named) street named scenic road.
eventually we made it to the place we needed to be:
jeff fitzgerald's campaign headquarters.
(where kids also eat free on election night)
we saw some dangerous news stuff.
(like this tilty-top live truck)
since we didn't bring one of those trucks,
i shot my stand-ups outside the restaurant and 
we edited my video and sent it back through this laptop.
glamorous, i know.
after the 5&6PM newscasts, we had some time to go exploring.
we found the place harry potter's family lives -- 
a combination krondashian store -- 
and a cool record store which also had a collection of 24 dvd sets -- 
it was there that we discovered carly rae jepson 
is planning to have one more hit.
...and maybe that's all.
we also found a huge selection of delicious chocolates -- 
then it was time for dinner --
spaghetti and garlic bread (with REAL garlic...yum).
then it was time to head back to fitzgerald hq 
and get ready for election results to start rolling in.
and of course, the internet wasn't working there so i had to run to the closest mcdonalds to borrow their wifi and send back the video. 
...and that's what election day is like for a reporter. 
the end.


Ruth Dowling said...

Please never go in a truck like that one. "is dangerous!! Get down!!" :) glad you had a fun little election trip. Hopefully when you live closer I can tag along!!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

since when is kevin a photog?? isn't he a sports anchor? hahaha

slash holy high truck!! that makes me nervous just looking at it.

hahahaha ruth-anne's. too perfect.

+ macey bought carly rae's new album at walmart and let me borrow it and, i gotta tell ya, she's got some fun songs. they sound straight outta the 80s. LOVE IT.

hahaha mcd's. always so dependable. eat fresh. (: