Wednesday, September 5, 2012


i made it almost all the way through august #photoaday challenge.
(as always, click to enlarge pictures)
inspiration / headshot / healthy snack / fav sports
drink / taking the stairs / relaxing / hydration
cravings / workout attire / ingredients / workout location
achievement / workout music / chocolate / motivation
stretching / gym bag / game face / fav exercise
sweat / breakfast / daily routine / fit friends


Ruth Dowling said...

i dont know why i find it so hard to make those stinking collages. do you use diptich? also love that you did much better thani did this time...

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

"its good to be weird. nobody wants to be normal and like everyone else."

AMEN, SEAN. AMEN. spoken like a true inspirational speaker. love love love it!

ps honored to be one of your fit friends...even if you've probably worked out more in the past week than i have in the past three months. (:

and yes what do you use to make those collages?? telllllllll! i need to put my september ones up eventually (:

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

ps YOUR WORKOUT ATTIRE IS SO CUTE. so jealous. maybe i should buy some to give me more motivation to work out...(: