Monday, February 18, 2013

crock pot creations.

m&d were kind enough to get me a crock pot for christmas.
so i started using it and it is awesome.
(thanks guys!)

my first dish was spare ribs with carrots and red potatoes -- 
i coated the ribs in flour, browned them and popped them in the slow cooker. then i added carrots, potatoes, chopped onions and some beef broth and let it cook on low for ten hours. 
it was so tender, the meat literally fell off the bones. YUM.

then today i made chili.
browned the ground turkey --
 sauteed the veggies (two green peppers and one onion) -- 
 and threw it all together in the pot with two cans of dark red kidney beans, a packet of chili mix, an extra tablespoon each of chili powder and paprika and some tomato juice. cooked on low for eight hours and it was yummy.
oh and also i got my hair cut.


red sox mama said...

Delicious. Remind me to put you in crockpot duty come April. :) still loving your hair and think you new a fashion post with those new outfits!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

hi. i love your hair. also, crockpot SOUP recipes are THE BEST. your house smells amazing all day long. love it love it love it. i need to try that rib one!!