Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i am getting so old.

can you believe i'm 26?
i can't. ugh.
luckily i have cool people who made me feel extra-special
instead of just extra-old.

it started with a few of my coworkers.
one of them made me lemon raspberry cupcakes -- 
another one baked me some cookies but i already ate them and forgot to take a picture.

then i got some fruit from ruth!
(i put it in the fridge and another one of my coworkers dropped it on the floor and broke the handle -- you can see a little bit below)
but mostly it had this awesome chocolate pineapple bunny -- 
then a flower bouquet from m+d+d -- 
 and some awesome bday texts (and a midnight call) from surrah -- 
 i watched some 24 with sean, played some games -- 
 ...and dustin may have made this in honor of my birthday.
still not sure about that one. 
anyway i'm getting pretty old but i'm not dead yet.


red sox mama said...

yup he was waiting for you to fly in and sleep under his "umbrella.". Super bummed you never made an appearance but rest assured he will bust it out as soon as you do come. also dk gave him his tent so thats another sleeping option. #winning. love the bday post (its about time) and next birthday ill just get you a giant pineapple or a giant bunny, whichever is cheaper to send. :)

Briane P said...

Nothing is more awesome, to people who are 44, than hearing people who are about 1/2 that age say they are old.

**looks for sarcasm emoticon, realizes there is not one**

Anyway, happy birthday! I haven't been to your blog in a while but I see you twittering news all the time. Good to see you're not all work.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

"i'm not dead yet!"

miss you. love you. that's all.