Friday, April 1, 2011

my anti-april fool's.

"i used to love april fool's. it was always fun to play jokes on people and do crazy things for no reason at all.

...then i came to byu.

in provo, the only april fool's joke people can come up with is changing their facebook relationship status to "engaged," which is SO three years ago. no one believes you, and it's not funny anymore.

so [a few years ago], i started my own anti-april fool's. for one day only, i will answer any question that anyone throws my way. complete, blatant sarcasm and no messing around.

i've been 100% objective (just like a journalist should be), 100% candid and 100% straight-forward. for one day only, i just tell it like it is.

so if you have any questions, hit me up. the next time this chance will roll around is next year ( : so don't miss your chance."

^ that's what i wrote last year. i'm posting it late this year (since we had lame late meetings at work) so i'm extending my blog question deadline into a little bit of tomorrow. happy anti-april fool's!


Natalie Marie said...

Dear Anna my question is: If you could have married anyone in the newsroom while you were at BYU who would it have been? mwahahahaha don't feel like you have to answer that, at least not publicly.

sarah said...

i have a friend that ACTUALLY got engaged yesterday. how's that for anti-april fool's? (: