Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my name is anna and i'm a workaholic.

if you are my mom, you might not want to read this post.

here is what my work week has been like:
sunday: 12PM-11:30PM
monday: 6:30AM-10:30PM
tuesday: 6:30AM-7PM
wednesday: 7AM-?!?

here's hoping i'll have some time to relax this weekend. eesh.

p.s. the reason i've been working so much is this crazy trial i've
been assigned to. the courthouse is an hour away and i have to
be there half an hour early. also they start at like 8AM.
don't worry though. the trial is only slated to last 3-4 weeks.


[Red Sox] Wife said...

:( Im not mom and this still makes me sad.... get some sleep, woman!!!

miss youuuuuuu

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

How in the world are we supposed to hang out when I come visit you?


Spencer said...

Anna, this literally makes me kind of sick! But I'm glad you love what you're doing! (You do still love it, right?!)

sarah said...

holy monday. 3-4 WEEKS?! you've gotta get some time off, girl! sleep time pleaseeeee. i can't wait to see you though (: 22 daysss then maybe i'll be able to at least partake in your busy-ness with you! (:

Briane P said...

Oooh! What's the trial? I didn't know you covered legal issues. Now I have to butter you up.

anna. said...

the trial is a murder trial in portage county -- a man accused of killing a truck driver in a jealous rage in 2003, but also a case of mistaken identity because apparently he thought the truck driver was someone else. pretty intense stuff. closing arguments are slated for tuesday.