Sunday, September 18, 2011

all better.

lex got fixed this week!
he went from this... this...
 yes, it's raining and dark but i wanted to blog about it
NOW instead of waiting for the storm to pass.
yay for a new bumper and whatever else
 because now lex looks as good as new.
(take that, girl-who-hit-me's insurance company)

as for the question of whether i have travelled farther than lex in my lifetime...i'm going to have to give that one to myself in a landslide. 

i got him when he was around 50K, so i've shared (nearly) all of the miles after that with him.

when i count my mileage -- just with air travel -- i beat him by a lot.
* trips to chile (about 10K round-trip)
* back and forth between ohio and utah during college (1,700 miles if i flew straight over, but with layovers, i know i did more than that)

THEN take into account my drives before lex came into the picture.
* vacations to disney world (900+ miles each way)
* trips to myrtle beach (600 miles each way)
* roadtrips to california, vegas, pittsburgh, vacations out west, etc.

...i think you get the idea.
anna - 1.
lex - 0.

anyways, now that he's better and we put a 100K miles on him already, sean and i decided a few more hundred wouldn't hurt and headed to milwaukee for the brewers game on wednesday.
 ^ sweet view from the press box

we barely dodged getting hit by the sprinklers after the game
(going on the field: yet another perk of being in the tv biz)
^ awkwardly scrunching down so he 
doesn't look nearly as tall as he actually is...
 ^ seriously, so tall.
but he's my best friend (in wausau) so it's no big deal.

p.s. just found out you can click on any of the pics to see them bigger ( :


[Red Sox] Wife said...

aww you guys are so cute! i couldve told you that you had more miles on you than lex... you get around! duh! :) love the new bumper!!! now to keep it that nice forever....

Sarah said...

For the record, I meant you walking/running vs. his driving mileage...but I guess that you win either way. (: love youuuuuuuu let's go to baseball game soon?!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...