Monday, September 12, 2011

getting old.

also of note:

yesterday, lex went from this... this...
happy 100,000 miles, lex.
(and thanks for not blowing up or going all Y2K on me or anything)
<3 <3 <3


[Red Sox] Wife said...

GO LEX!!! you had to know he was a total stud who could outlast 100.000 miles :) i love that you document stuff like that that i never notice (but probably should pay attention to!)

also thanks for commenting on like every single post I make :) you definately dont have to but it totally makes my day. and yours and sarahs comments are always my faveS! :)

Sarah said...

what a STUD! hahaha and i just read ruth's comment and she called him a stud too...weird we must be brothers or something.

i wonder if you've run/walked/traveled > amount of miles than lex has in your lifetime?? interesting thought. (:

Briane P said...


I think you should do a post where you try to figure out whether you have traveled further than Lex in your lifetime.