Sunday, September 11, 2011


ten years ago, i walked into my fourth period biology class and watched as the second plane crashed into the world trade center. it seemed surreal then and it still feels weird now. there's no denying the sadness and the heartbreak, the lives lost or the tears shed. some have argued how there could possibly be a god -- why would He allow something so terrible to happen?

but the world didn't end after the towers fell. first responders rushed to answer the call, volunteers pitched in and everyone held their loved ones a little closer. on september 12, 2011, the sun rose again, just like it had done for thousands of years before. the pain was still there, but it was mother earth's reminder -- life goes on.

when i look around my little slice of the world, i see His influence everywhere. from the cool breeze on my face -- to the traffic light turning green at the perfect moment -- in the wondering eyes of the kids in my sunday school class -- and the way dustbuster tells us what sound a fish makes. for all the awful things in the world, there are certainly so many wonderful things too.

He never said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it.
and when all else fails, He will be there.


[Red Sox] Wife said...

oh anna this was lovely. and so so true. what a great message. i love you (and dustbuster says "mew, neigh, pop pop pop") <3

Sarah said...