Sunday, February 28, 2010

rat poop.

as i was falling asleep last night, i looked at the calendar that is hanging on my wall. i've been doing the same thing i did last february...writing a word down for every day (to be posted in march...) and wow. so much has changed in the past four weeks.

in a way, it seems like my world's been turned upside down. the few things i had always counted on are suddenly not there anymore and everything is just a

so it's time for some change.

it's crazy that it's all happening now. i expected changes, of course, but i was hoping to hang on until the end of the semester. but what can you do, right? just gotta roll with it.

so as i've been cleaning and tearing apart my house, i've had a lot of time to think. and guess what?

life is like rat poop.

you may think you have a situation under control, but then you move the couch and discover a giant pile of rat poop behind it that you've never seen before. it catches you off guard, but you can't just leave it there. you've got to take care of it. and sometimes it stinks but someday when you get it all under control, you can breathe easy again and it won't be so awful anymore.



Rachael said...

So are you moving then? Or just spring cleaning? If you need help with either, you know who to call. I LOVE to clean.

Mrs. D said...

um...if you thought rat poop was bad just wait till you smell kevins poops. or his toots even...silent but deadly!! <3 Im so happy youre coming to live with me :)