Friday, February 5, 2010


i have a confession to make.
i have a party bunny.
i mean, seriously. how awesome is she? i've had chepi (my bunny) basically since i was born. and yesterday when i got home from work, i found out she'd totally had a party while i was gone...

(click on pictures to see them bigger!)
in other news, i have the best roommate and sisters ever. during my ridiculous day of internship-ing and working...

...they decorated my house...

...and my room for my birthday.

^ and even the bathroom ( :

^ here is my bedroom door. i will be keeping these decorations up for a long time. just love.

did i mention i got tons of presents? this was probably the most unexpected part...movies, work out dvds, cereal, clothes, baking supplies, chocolate and a GPS, among other things. wow. they were just waiting on my bed when i got home.

^ i got krazy straws from krazy kevs (ruth's cat)

^ and a note from big sis + the brother in law

^ and one from little sis, too

^ and somehow...a note from my brother, who is in ohio. go figure.

ah. and ruth brought over brownies! yum. me and emily ate most of them before we went to bed last night.

but that's not all. oh no it was not. today i was producing for the daily news, like i do every friday. we said our prayer before the show started (like we always do), and then after that, everyone started singing "happy birthday" to me! there were balloons and cake and it was such a fun surprise. i love my friends in the newsroom.

add this to my new mehmet okur jersey (!!!) that was gifted to me yesterday (not pictured) and a flurry of other notes and getting to catch up with some friends via telephone, which was great too.

my life is awesome. and if anyone says otherwise...i might fight you.

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ridiculously amazingly awesomely cool.


i always forget we're so close