Thursday, February 4, 2010


yes...i am spending my birthday evening alone in a dark box where i push buttons to make the lighting for the same play i've worked on for the past two months. but i'm not upset. and i'm not being sarcastic.

i was awakened from my going-to-bed-earlyish-since-i-had-to-be-awake-super-early-for-work-today a little after midnight last night when sarah called to wish me a happy birthday. i went to my internship today and worked on some news, like i always do, and got to help out with the assignment desk (which is always an adventure) and even got to have a very nice lunch with a good friend. i learned new things...i helped with the newscast (in some little ways)...and all the while, my text message inbox was flooded with many of the people i love sending me nice things. my facebook page is full of people from high school, college, old jobs, my internship, the newsroom, the theatre, and all of them wishing me a happy birthday. and if you wanted to leave me a voice mail tonight, you can't because it's full ( :

granted, today was not ideal. it might have been nice to have a few minutes to relax or celebrate. but in a world where so many people have so much less, i would be stupid to ignore just how lucky i am.

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skroner said...

why are you so perfect all the time!?


(to the groundddddddd!)