Saturday, January 30, 2010

bikini night.

this post is for everyone who says i work too much and never do anything fun.

last night i got home from work at about ten. emily and i kicked off our evening by browsing through ksl classifieds and looking for cute pets that we wanted to buy.

^ decided we really want this bunny. it is super fuzzy and super cuddly and super cute. and only ten dollars!!!

then we decided to watch cute animal videos on youtube. it was awesome. then we decided we were hungry so we went to the store. here is a list of things we bought: oreos, cool whip, pudding, gummy worms, three different kinds of cheetos, french bread and some mix for oreo brownie things. we also got a redbox movie - "he's just not that into you." and then we came home.

^ here is one of the many, many things we baked / ate last night. it was like junk food heaven, which was interesting since we have both been eating healthy food for like the last two months. before we started baking, emily decided we should wear bikinis, so we found some and put them on.

here is a list of things we did while wearing our swimsuits: baked at least three different kinds of food. watched a movie. ate tons of food. had a dance party. went running outside at three in the morning ( was freezing). watched the awkward deleted scenes from the movie. watched the end of the movie again about three times. and then had another dance party.

so there you have it. i still have fun sometimes.


Mrs. D said...

did you get the bunny?!?!

PS that is my favorite dessert ever. I think I will make it next weekend for superbowl.

I miss you! hope to see you soon.
and that movie is like the best... eVER. so funny. and so true.

Anonymous said...

how does one get on the bikini night guest list? are bikinis required for all guests?

anna. said...

everyone's invited. we'll probably do another one soon ( :