Tuesday, January 26, 2010

come see how great i am at cooking.

i love cooking. let's look at pictures.

this week...sweet potato croissants (from scratch)...

^ obviously, you can't make these without first starting with some sweet potatoes. yum yum yum. any excuse to use the potato masher means you have a good recipe going.

^ after mixing all of the (secret) ingredients together, it looks like this.

^ and then after you let it turns GIGANTIC.

dad, this is the point when you called me and emily starting trying to punch the dough before i took a picture ( :

^ after rolling out the dough, you cut it up into little triangles (just like they come in the tube). this is how you know you are making croissants and not something else, even though all of mine were fatty but baby-sized...kind of an oxymoron, but you'll see in a sec.

^ here's all the food i made...croissants, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, three-color spiral noodles and homemade alfredo sauce (sooo good...just don't ask what's in it because it's SO not healthy).

and that was my sunday. i love hanging out with r & s and the rest of the dowlings because it gives me a good excuse to cook for more people than just me and emily. plus now we all have tons of cookies / croissants / food to keep us full for the next few months or so.


Mrs. D said...

yay!!! that was so much fun.... we will have to do it again soon. superbowl party perhaps?

Anonymous said...

u know....

i sorta think you should start calling these posts "wife ads"

or maybe i'm the only one who finds it extraordinarily wonderful and amazing when my girl can cook

anna. said...

haha. it's not's just cooking ( :

...and i take requests. hungry?