Sunday, January 10, 2010


wintertime means cold times. multiply this times at least a zillion because i think our heater is broken (which hopefully will be remedied soon since the landlord just stopped by). because seriously. when the thermostat is turned to 75 but the thermometer still reads in the 50's -- overall that's not a good sign.

luckily, the cold brought some cool things into my life this weekend.
cold thing #1: hanging out with rachael (and jon and kurt) in park city and going tubing! i had never been to park city before (it is gorgeous) or gone tubing either (it is scary but awesome) so it was a pretty sweet adventure. plus we had some yummy sandwiches at this pizza place and i had this green drink (basically a very lime-y sprite) and then we had fudge at the candy place next door.

overall an awesome night because it was cold but we had snow clothes. later i passed out on rachael's and jon's couch during robin hood and jon found my car the next morning (which was really good because i couldn't remember where i left it...) and they went to see a movie and i went home to try to feel not-sick.

cold thing #2: my sister went running outside and got stuck not wanting to run back to her house (duh, because it is cold outside) so i picked her up and brought her home (in my warm car). then i went to the gym (where it is not cold) because that is what you do when it's cold outside but you still want to go running and not die.

cold thing #3: hot showers are so much better after being outside in the cold. ditto for hot chocolate. and cuddling under lots of blankets.

cold thing #4: i never get sick. keeping that in mind, i'm pretty sure i am sick. i think i have a cold or something and it is lame. people say that when you are sick, it is your body trying to tell you something. overall, all my body has told me lately is that it wants to sleep in 12-hour stretches and be full of snot and make my ears pop (why does that happen when you're sick??) and do nothing all the time.

cold thing #5: i already sort of mentioned that i slept a ton last night. not surprisingly, i woke up in the afternoon and still didn't feel like doing anything so i got some cereal and sat on the couch with my pile of blankets. the tv was set to nbc and there was this gymnastics / ice skating extravaganza on (with ashley tisdale omg) and it was really cool. i always wanted to be a gymnast but my parents never let me (because it was dangerous and i would probably die) but i still love watching it. and the ice skating was cool and reminded me of how the winter olympics are right around the corner and that is something good that happens in the cold too.

so yeah. my house is freezing. my ears won't stop popping. and i feel like rolling up in some blankets and hibernating til spring. the end.


Sarah said...

I would like to agree with all of the above. I HATE the snotty-popping nasty crap that comes with winter colds! I think you need some home-made bread and happy goodness!

skroner said...

you slightly sound like you blacked out last night from drinking and that's why you couldn't find your car in the morning.

but then i remembered that's impossible.

so i liked this post a lot (:

Natalie Marie said...

don't be sick or else I'll never see you because you won't come to class- ps I'm not coming this week because I just watched that movie and I have rehearsal in Salt Lake but I'll for sure see you the week after granting you're healthy :)

Mrs. D said...

you forgot to mention i paid you in food i didnt make. you should mention that so i dont sound so pathetic. :)

anna. said...

thanks mrs. peterson -- hope your bread-making adventures go well. my mom always used to make some with her machine and they were soo good.

sarah -- you never knowwwww. but was like a glorified sprite. but yummier.

thanks natalie. have fun at rehearsal...i start tech for tartuffe this week and it is going to be insane.

ruth -- sorry i didn't mention it. you did give me food and it was sooo good. thanks ( :