Wednesday, January 6, 2010

more adventures in cooking.

there are some days when emily and i come home from school / work and are just too tired to make anything so we have peanut butter sandwiches. that's what happened last night.

and then there are nights when we get really ambitious and make a ton of things and then we are set for a few days. tonight was one of those nights.

we started off by baking five kinds of chicken. did we just make up five different kinds of chicken? why yes, we did.

clockwise from top left: cajun barbecue chicken, ginger and brown sugar chicken, coconut curry chicken, rosemary and lemon pepper chicken (or, as we like to call it, "christmas chicken" since it looks like it has pine trees in it), and basil chicken with cumin and nutmeg. and we split the chicken in half so we have healthy-sized portions for lunch or dinner.

we also made mashed potatoes out of red potatoes...yum! boiled them for 20 minutes and then em started mashing.

^ added some garlic and harvest peppercorn to make some of the best mashed potatoes ever.

so...overall a productive evening. we now have enough food to be lazy for the next few days.

the best part? i probably wouldn't have done so much cooking if emily wasn't here and she said the same was true the other way around. best roommates ever.


Natalie Tripp said...

mmmm I'll have to try the mashed potatoes that looks great!

skroner said...

you two are my heroes.