Sunday, January 3, 2010

drunk people.

i should be writing about my new year's resolutions, but first i need to get something off my chest.

i don't mind drunk people. i have a lot of very good friends who like to drink and i like driving them around so i know they're safe and hanging out with them sometimes. do i think drinking is a very good idea? no. but they're my friends and i still like them.

i tend to encounter more people of the drunk persuasion when i go to ohio. and i went to one party over christmas break that had a lot of drunkies, some of which i knew and many who i didn't. it was a fun thing...i watched a movie and played some games (because you only have to drink if you lose, and when you are sober, you basically always win) and visited with some people i hadn't seen since the summer and it was great.

due to the nature of the party, people were going inside and outside a lot. it was freezing outside (duh, because it's the middle of the winter) so i would take my jacket* outside and then bring it back in and leave it upstairs in my friend's room. there were some other people who had the same idea so there was a nice jacket pile and i just tossed mine into it each time.

(*by jacket, i actually mean two jackets. i just bought a new black hoodie earlier that day and then wore this track jacket over it so it was like a double-layered jacket and it was nice and warm)

by the end of the night / early the next morning, i was ready to go home so i went to look for my jacket. and guess what.


someone took my brand-new black hoodie -- pulled it out of the jacket it was inside, turning the sleeves of the track jacket inside-out -- and left the other jacket on my friend's bed.

i literally had just paid for it earlier that day, which made me even more upset. and i tried to reason with myself, maybe someone accidentally thought their jacket was inside of mine (no way) or maybe i shouldn't blame the drunkies because they do some dumb things, but still. overall not pleased.

needless to say, i never got my jacket back and i actually ended up going back to the store and buying the exact same jacket again. i don't think i've ever done that before and i don't hope to have to do it again because it's a total waste of money. but i really liked the jacket so i did.

what is the moral of this story? i don't know. i'm trying to think of one, but all i can come up with is, "keep a closer eye on your new clothes if you don't want drunkies to steal them."


skroner said...

this story made me laugh hearing it a second time.

but i still feel bad for you.

good advice though, good advice.
you should share with the world about your AWESOME airport experiences/ plane ride stuff.

for all day.

okay bye.

Mrs. D said...

um... drunkies should be punched. all of them. and also i want to hear this story about you and em buying the same jacket. and where you found all the poops.

Anonymous said...

drunkenness does not make a thief.

thieves are asses.

anna. said...

well i realize that drunkenness doesn't make one a thief. but the girl that stole my jacket had definitely been drinking. and she is a jerk.

...but it's not like i can go to her house and be like, oh hey you took that while you were drunk, but can i have it back? plus i'm not really friends with her, she's just a friend of a friend. wayyy less trouble to just buy a new one. whatev.