Monday, January 11, 2010

mom always knows.

i called my mom's phone yesterday and my little brother picked up since she was sleeping. i talked to him for about ten minutes or so before he handed the phone to my dad. i talked to him for a while longer and then my mom woke up from her nap and got on the phone.

before i was even on the phone with her for a full minute, she asked if i was feeling okay (i wasn't and i'm pretty sure it sounded like it).

not that it's a big deal and not that my dad or 11-year-old brother should have noticed something different in my super-congested voice or sniffly sneezes. but still. mom always knows.

so whether it's how long to boil eggs, how to alter a skirt, how to wash a scarf without ruining it, or what the difference is between the generic and name brand medicines...there's only one person to ask.

thanks mom ( :


skroner said...

i wish there was a like button for this post.


Courtney said...

i completely agree with this post. normally i can't even make it past "hello" without crying when something is wrong!