Sunday, January 17, 2010

stressed / desserts

life has been pretty crazy lately. if you don't believe me, just look back at how often i've blogged in the past week (because...not much). my mom got me a card remarking about the similarities in the spellings of "stressed" and "desserts." so last night, me and emily made some desserts.

^ emily made ice cream in plastic bags, which was pretty yummy, even if it didn't get as frozen as we thought it would.

^ and i made fudge with colored marshmallows, even though i couldn't find a hand mixer (so basically everything is mixed, but probably not as much as it should be).

it was one of our "ambitious cooking" nights so that was fun.
and then we watched keeping up with the kardashians.
the end.


Mrs. D said...

BUT THER WAS NO NEW KARDASHIANS!!! :( just golden globes. also, tell emily we will have to make ice cream with our ice cream maker... and i am pretty sure it will turn out better than ziplock ice cream because we have to use dry ice (!!) and here i was, thinking dry ice was only good for making smoke at a britney spears concert to hide her stretch marks...

Courtney said...

I was so upset that there wasn't a new kardashian episode! i live for the kardashians! and i never realized the similarities between stressed and desserts! that is my new favorite thing for this week!