Wednesday, January 27, 2010


my grandma adelina lived in chile. i remember that everything she did was so cool and everything she wore was so cool and i wanted to be just like her. i remember the sweaters that she had and the smell of the perfume she wore and the way she smiled and laughed and bought us treats at the tiny stores in chile. everything we did with her was awesome.

she came to visit us in ohio once. i remember her staying in the guest room next door to ours and the little bag she kept in the bathroom with all of her things inside. and i remember the tiny scissors that were inside that little bag.

and i remember one day that i went in the bathroom and found those little scissors and decided to sit on the counter in front of the big mirror and cut my bangs right off.

(i don't remember what i was thinking when i did that)

and i don't really remember ever having bangs after that.

it's been years since i've seen her and i'm sure her little scissors are long gone too. but i'm older now and a while ago i decided to get some long-ish bangs cut into my hair. the hair cutting lady made it so the ends of them were just barely touching my brow line. since then, they've grown in quite a bit and now they are usually right in front of my face. people always ask me if it bothers me or how i can see with my hair in my face.

i don't really mind them and i have no problem seeing things, but i guess they're probably distracting. and then when i watched my live report today with my hair all in my face, i decided i probably (definitely) need to trim my bangs. and i'm pretty sure the last time i did that was...well...way back then.

i miss those little scissors. and i miss my grandma adelina.


Mrs. D said...

me too.

skroner said...

this post made me want to cry. but in the happiest way possible. (:

hope your play is going well! no doubt that even though our fam hasn't been to many of your shows, i'm sure grandma adelina has been to them all (: