Sunday, November 14, 2010

back to baking ( :

i haven't been doing much baking since i moved to wisconsin
(due to lack of materials, people to cook for, etc) but this weekend i decided to jump back in. here's proof:
^ one of the two loaves of honey wheat bread i baked (from scratch)

then i made brownies for my
(high school aged) sunday school class --
^ i told them opening a bakery was my plan "b" and one of them told me i should change my game plan to make it plan "a."
did i mention i love my SS class?
i put applesauce in it instead of oil which makes it healthy!

did you know i have been collecting these lately?
^ they are pink yogurt lids.
for each one i send in, 10 cents is donated to breast cancer research.
ALSO...i've eaten 40+ yogurts since moving to WI (about 2 months).

AND if you haven't heard about my new blog -- every day is awesome -- check it out. my sisters and some of our friends all post on it once a week and my day is "spontaneous sunday."

PLUS if you didn't know that i have the coolest, most talented roommate / best friend ever, look at this video she made. i love her.


Natalie Marie said...

Screw. This. Bakery. I actually got a cake decorating kit for my birthday and I'm way sad you're not here to share it (both the birthday and the kit) with me

Sarah said...

Anna, we really should open a bakery together. Your breads always look so delicious!! I would LOVE to be your cupcake lady! I'm beginning to love filled and simply decorated cupcakes. I should figure out how to send one to you in the mail...

skroner said...

um. love this post. especially the picture of your bread with a bite taken out of it because you were skyping me when you grabbed a bite of it right when it came outta the oven (: just miss you and your amazing baking/cooking skills! just can't wait to visit (:

Spencer said...

Yum! That bread looks so good!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I like you. You know that?