Thursday, November 11, 2010

ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low...

i've been in wisconsin for about two months now.
(crazy, right?)
so let's talk about one of the main differences between UT and WI:


this is a picture i took from the top of the highest
point in north-central wisconsin: granite peak.
(about 700 feet up)
i hiked the mountain with one of the boys from work last month. the trail was pretty much straight up -- crazy steep. but it was a nice hike and a pretty view with all the autumn leaves changing.

for the sake of comparison, here's the view
from the top of "Y" mountain in provo:
how high is the "Y?"
oh you know...about 8,520 feet.

another fun fact:
the cement "Y" itself is about 380 feet high...
a little more than half the height of my new highest mountain ( :


Natalie Marie said...

did you know that the Y is the largest mountain letter in the world? True story

skroner said...

just love you missing utah. the mountains miss you too! and all of us. obviously. (: