Sunday, November 28, 2010

mom is always right.

i've been stressing this weekend because i need to buy
warm-weather clothes. by the looks of it (online), snow pants
and other accessories were not going to come cheap.

i called my mom. she told me to look at walmart and the boy clothes would be less expensive than the girl clothes. and guess what?
^ pants on the left are girl pants. pants on the right are boy pants. made by the same company, essentially the same thing, right?
^ only the pants in the girl section cost $10 more!!
what's up with that??

i ended up getting the girl pair (since there were only L's and XL's in the boy department) but it was still funny to see how the exact same pants (and even smaller ones that would require less fabric) could be more expensive just because they are marketed towards girls.

and BOTH pairs are exponentially cheaper than
the ones i found online, which were $100+. eesh.

anyways. mom is always right.

also, if you didn't know, my parents and daniel came to visit me for a few days, bringing with them some nice furniture for my apartment (that will surely remind me of ohio) and a few other gifts...
^ like these SHARP KNIVES for cooking.
my mom even cut off the top (before giving them to me)
since they're so hard to open.
^ so i cooked them lots of things for thanksgiving to say thanks ( :
turkey, stuffing, gravy, roasted rosemary garlic potatoes, homemade honey wheat bread, salad, green beans, crackers and grapes.
(plus pumpkin pie from scratch and chocolate brownies for dessert)
a pretty good dinner, yeah?

also we made ginger bread houses.
can you tell which one was mine + DK's and which one was m&d's?
gingerbread house #1:
gingerbread house #2:
anyways...that was our thanksgiving.
plus we watched "a charlie brown thanksgiving," explored wausau, went black friday shopping and ate lots of waffles for breakfast.


Spencer said...

I love that red coat Anna!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Do you think we can sue for sexism?

Do a story on it...

(Ps. From now on everytime I get mad at something I'm going to insist you do a story on it :)

Mrs. D said...

yay so cute!!! wish i could have beeen there...

also you should do a story about it. and about crazy black friday shoppers

skroner said...

definitely going to boycott girl clothes now. ps love how you are all holding onto each other so tight in that picture (: just love family!! and yummy gingerbread houses..