Thursday, November 18, 2010

counting to 300.

i have a confession -- i have an obsession.

it's all about numbers. and as far as i can tell, there are two parts.

1. the most important challenge i tackle everyday is time. i am constantly battling the clock -- driving from one place to another, shooting video, interviewing people, finding information --all before coming back to the station with enough time to put it all together for the news at 5, 6 and 10. because of this, i am constantly asking myself what time it is and how much longer i have before i need to book it back to home base. all of this...NUMBERS.

2. while i am shooting video, i set a shot and let the tape roll for ten seconds...and i count it out in my head. usually i only need three solid seconds of video for my stories, but ten makes sure i have enough for editing purposes. this is a great habit...until it starts to seep into my personal life. lately i've caught myself counting the seconds during everyday tasks: brushing my teeth, shampooing my hair, stirring my pasta -- pretty much everything. NUMBERS.

anyways, all this -- just to let you know this is my 300th post.

and it only took two years, one month and eleven days.


Mrs. D said...

yay! congrats on #300... I think I'm at 750? but whos counting.
miss you. skype this weekend?

skroner said...

i love you (:
times four hundred times sixteen plus two.