Sunday, October 16, 2011

dolla' dolla' bills, ya'll.

somehow, my wallet got soaked this week 
(but everything else in my purse is fine) 
so i took all the stuff out to take a look. 
- seven $1 bills.
- two $2 bills.
- one $20 bill.
- one 1000 yen bill.
- my ohio driver's license.
- pnc credit card.
- us bank card.
- huntington debit card.
- victoria's secret credit card.
- YMCA membership card.
- blockbuster card.
- roundy's card.
- key card for getting into work.
- AAA card.
- progressive (car) insurance card.
- blue cross blue shield (medical) insurance card. 
- delta dental insurance card. 
- red cross identification card.
- BYU id card.
- mini BYU diploma.
- dave & buster's card.
- graeter's ice cream card.
- social security card.
- olive garden gift card.
- three forever stamps with pine cones.
- one utah jazz ticket.
- one orem owlz ticket.
- eleven movie ticket stubs from ohio.
- ten movie ticket stubs from utah.
- four movie ticket stubs from wisconsin.
- four random tickets from different carnivals and fairs.
- one patriarchal blessing.
- one temple recommend.
- one coupon for a free car wash.
- one fortune from a las vegas machine.
- thirty-four fortune cookie fortunes.
- one grocery receipt.
- two business cards from my two favorite news people.
- sixty-two cents.


in other news, i made some delicious bread while ruth was here from these adorable pans my mom got me. they are so tiny!! 
(powerade bottle shown for the sake of comparison)
this week, sean told me to sign up for the YMCA's passport to wellness program. so i did (why not, right?). basically, you have to work out for twelve days in october (doing at least six different kinds of exercise) and you get "stamped" for different countries. in theory, if you do it through out the month, it's not a big deal, but i didn't start til the 13th. so here's hoping i can go to the gym pretty much every day for the rest of this month so i can get a FREE SWEATSHIRT!!
 i did a story at a humane society. this cat loved my tripod.
 here's proof sean doesn't hate the bucks as much as he pretends to:
...also that he loves to sleep on the floor...

p.s. listen to this song.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Hahaha. I have a feeling my wallet would look something like that.

...& I just realized I was able to put the title of your blog into a sentence. I am a genius.

[Red Sox] Wife said...

um how do you fit so much stuff in that tiny wallet?!?! also, sean sleeping on your floor = hilarious. and just love the little breads!!! so so cute :) love your fortunes and kevs' twinner!!!

[does it count if you work out twice in one day in case you miss one??]

Sarah said...

um i LOVE that you keep all of your movie ticket/show/activity stubs because i have a box of all of mine since my sophomore year of high school. just love being twinners <3

also, love the bread!! and FREE SWEATSHIRT?! come onnnnnn, you can do that EASY! (:

Sarah said...

PS that song = amazing. lovelovelove.

Briane P said...

Free sweatshirt! Go for it! Also, do you keep that stuff for sentimental reasons? I have a glass case of emotion where I save ticket stubs and the like from dates with Sweetie. Or are you going to be featured on an upcoming episode of "Hoarders: Wallets"?