Sunday, October 16, 2011

fortunes come true.

some of the things i had in my wallet were these fortunes:
i don't know why i've always liked to keep them.
but i do.

my favorite one has a story, if you haven't heard it already.

i went to a chinese restaurant with my college professor / mentor / reporter i was interning with (all one and the same person) on one of my last days at my internship at ABC4 in SLC. i had already graduated and was working on my documentary and still doing some internship stuff on the side, plus i was trying to find a job and figure out what i was going to do with the rest of my life. that was on may 11th.

my fortune: "remember three months from this date. 
good things are in store for you." 

one month later...nothing much had changed.
two months later...i'd had a job interview with WAOW.
and three months later...a job offer.

but maybe not.

so whenever i get fortunes, i keep them.
some are funny.
some are profound.
but they all find a home in my wallet.

here are some of my other favorites:
"trust others, but still keep your eyes open."
"you will take a pleasant journey to a place far away."
"stubbornness is not a good virtue."
"share your abundant humor with others at this time. they need it."
"an exciting opportunity lies ahead of you."
"everybody feels lucky for having you as a friend."
"next week, green is a lucky color for you."
"an attractive visitor will bring joy to your home."
"opportunity awaits you next monday."
"the simplest answer is to act."
"you will accomplish more later if you have a little fun this weekend."
"do not mistake temptation for opportunity."
"be careful and systematic in your business arrangements."
"live, think and act for today. tomorrow may be too late."


[Red Sox] Wife said...

my favorite is the "you'll accompliosh more if you have more fun this weekend"... although it does remind me of the simpsons episode where homer writes fortunes. :) PS did you hear this is probably last season of simpsons? so sad. i miss you.

Sarah said...

WHY ARE WE SUCH SISTERS?? i definitely have kept all of my fortunes since high school, too!! fortune cookies are my favorite favoriteness ever. you can just send me some HOMEMADE FORTUNE COOKIES for my birthday!! that would be the and probably super fun to make (;

slash would it be possible to make chocolate fortune cookies?? or rainbow ones?? IDEAS. i may have to try this out too...hmm..

slash i never knew that fortune story!! that is load and loads of awesomesauce!

"live, think and act for today. tomorrow may be too late." <3

Micaela said...

i wish an attractive visitor would bring joy to MY home!!!

Briane P said...

Some would call that apophenia...

... but I think that the fact that we have a name for it doesn't mean that cool things like that don't happen.

FYI: You're the famous-est person who comments on my blogs. It makes me feel important.