Sunday, October 9, 2011

my sisters, my heroes.

they run half-marathons.
they visit me when i live far away. 
they have kardashian hair / style / smiles.
they're master healthy-chefs.
and they're basically the most awesome people i know.
just saying.

ruth surprised me by visiting wisconsin this weekend, which was awesome and ridiculous all at the same time (with sean working reconnaissance to make sure i'd be staying in town, which was good since i was thinking of leaving...) and one of the things we did was the "fall ride." basically you ride a ski lift up rib mountain and take pictures of how cool wausau looks:
but what fun is riding a ski lift when you can
run up rib mountain with your own legs?
 a lot has changed in the past three weeks around here.
here are the pictures from the top of the look-out tower each week:
 now for three random things.
#1: kids cleaning up after doing ARCHERY in gym class.
i miss doing fun stuff like that in school.
#2: twilight jewelry.
don't worry. it's only like $400 a pop.
better start saving your pennies...
#3: i really want this to be my halloween costume this year:


Sarah said...

HAHAHAHA i love you so much!! you are so so great. and you totally NEED to get that gir outfit. i will buy it for you if i have to. send me the link ready set go!

<3 <3 143+kdash4life <3 <3

Sarah said...

slash you both look so great in your rib mountain run picture!! i have such babes for sisters. story of a kardashian life, i suppose...

Sarah said...

triple slash i love that you were wearing those big hoop earrings on your run hahaha.

and i am sorry that i am too lazy to delete my comments and condense them into one. you just look that much cooler with three comments instead of one, right? (:

word verification: rapst


[Red Sox] Wife said...

um love that sarah had to comment THREE times lol. winner winner. thanks for posting the pics so i can steal them :) and letting me eat all your raisin nut bran. oh, and stalk you like a creeper all of friday :)you are thebombdotcom. love youuuuu

Briane P said...

That's Zim's dog, right? I LOVE Invader Zim. Man, I haven't watched that in years.

Love the pictures, too. Do your sisters know you say they have Kardashian hair?