Sunday, October 23, 2011

prenatal vitamin dilemma / hot meat on my front porch.

okay. i haven't always been good about vitamins. but there are some times when you really should be, right? when you're pregnant?
sadly (or perhaps not-so-sadly) i'm not actually with-child.
but i did run out of my regular multivitamins.
and i did find these ones.

here is the story of why i have prenatal vitamins:
a long, long time ago, i saw an ad on TV that advertised FREE vitamins. and i figured, "why not, right?" vitamins are expensive. i'd totally take some free ones. so i signed myself up and guess what arrived at my home a few short weeks later? you guessed it -- prenatal vitamins. because even if you're not pregnant RIGHT NOW, you could be VERY SOON and whoever started this free-vitamin-campaign assumes every woman is at least border-line pregnant. i kind of laughed them off but for whatever reason, never threw them away (or gave them to my pregnant sister or roommate? such a considerate friend i seem to be). and now i have these prenatal vitamins.

so here's my dilemma. is it okay to take them if i'm not pregnant?

i've heard it could help my hair and nails grow better. 
but could it also sprout a child?!?


 okay. moving on to other things in my life.
like how i'm just four workouts away from getting a free sweatshirt -- 
and how the best thing about baking tiny bread is eating tiny toast 
on a tiny plate (about 6" in diameter) --
 and how (in theory) peppermint clif bars should be gross 
but this one was actually not-bad -- 
and how i just got a new car insurance statement 
and now i'll pay $15 less a month -- 
and how i walked outside today to find hot meat on my front porch -- 
...never a dull moment.


Rachael said...

Anna I love that you said "sprout a child." Bahaha. Prenatals are great multivitamins. Most doctors actually recommend that all women between the ages of 18 and 40 take prenatals. They are super good for your hair and nails and when you do have babies you'll have all of the right stuff already stocked up in your system. I've been taking them for three years and no babies have sprouted here.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

It's a good thing you came to us. This is an important issue that most don't care to think about. While what Rachael said is probably true, how do we know that there isn't a chance, however small, a baby COULD sprout from these vitamins? What's the science? Have there ever been studies done?

Briane P said...

You're asking the wrong guy; I worry that eating Yoplait yogurt will make me feminine.

I love the tiny toast! You've started a thing, there.

Sarah said...

sprouting children makes me think of cabbage patch kids. hahahaa.

i love that i recognize your plate!! and i love tiny toast. which makes me think of that delicious mini-french toast cereal we used to eat growing up. remember??

and i love the doorstep meat. hahahahahaha. only in wausau?