Sunday, October 2, 2011

going off the deep end.

okay. don't freak out, but i went swimming yesterday.

for those of you who don't know, krons don't really swim.
(most ohioans i know don't either so maybe it's a state thing too)
we're not good at it. and we never do it.
which came first? we'll never know. but yesterday...i did.

i've started looking into alternatives to running (boo) because my knees will probably break by the time i'm 30 if i keep running like i do. and swimming seems like something that would be low-impact. the only problem is that i don't really swim. at all.

enter the new "saturday morning swim club." me and two other kids i work with invented it this weekend. they swim laps for about an hour. i practice remembering to breathe while i take stroke after agonizing stroke while attempting not to die for an hour. and then we sit in the hot tub. i didn't die yesterday and hopefully i won't next week. plus, it's a good excuse to get out of bed before noon on a saturday, right?

in other news, i've been experimenting with foods lately. bryon's bday was this week, so i baked creme-filled chocolate cupcakes and made decorative frosting with mini-chocolate chip B's (for bry and his brewers, who made it into the post-season this week). i thought i took pictures, but apparently i didn't because i can't find them. 

also this week, was my friend jack's last day at work ) : 
for his last day, he requested a treat with three ingredients: pop rocks, gummy bears and bumblebee tuna. needless to say, i swapped out the tuna for chocolate and made these delicious brownies instead. 
^ i think these will be a regular item in my bakery someday. 

and this weekend was WEEK 2 of running rib mountain. 
spent about two hours -- running up, hiking around, then jogging back down. so gorgeous. people who don't love fall are dumb.
now for two completely random things.
#1: here's the fuzzy caterpillar that was inching its way in front of my door. long as he stays outside, he can be as adorable as he wants. 
 #2: if you haven't noticed, my buckeyes haven't done terribly well so far this season. they haven't been ranked for a few weeks now in the AP polls, but apparently OSU fans never say die because they're still in the top 20 in the fan rankings ( :


[Red Sox] Wife said...

hahah yayyyy top 20!!! I am jealous of your catapiller you should put it in a jar and keep it as a pet!! please?!? also. pop-choco-bearbars? mmmm. when are you opening that bakery again??? miss you. you better be watching kendra right now.

Micaela said...

i love you. and this post.
and the fact that you swam.
aka i am so proud of you for going!!!!!!
you're perfect:)
at literally everything.

Beth Grimmett said...

I used to take a swimming class in the wee hours of my high school morning. But then I realized the only other people in my class were over 60. And I was the one coming in last every exercise.

Talk about a boost to the self-esteem.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I actually just realized that in the time I've known you, I've never seen you swim, or in a bathing suit? Or near any large amount of water, other than that river we crossed that one time? So...good for you:)

Second: I want that caterpillar pretty much. so. cute.

Sarah said...

oooooh. caterpillars gives me the heebie-jeebies. but YOU ARE SUCH A ROCKSTAR. i love this post so so much. and i also love that on everydayisawesome that everyone has posted within the past 24 hours (except rachel) which has to be a record or something. haha. (: ps YUM that corner piece with red gummies is calling my name!!

Briane P said...

Are there really pop rocks in those brownies? How'd that work? Was it great? It sounds great.

I tried swimming for a while, as my knees mostly feel these days like someone is jabbing them with white-hot pokers. But I can't get the breathing right and also I can't listen to music or watch TV, like I can on a treadmill. If they had a pool that had music piped in and maybe was lined with TV sets on the bottom that I could watch as I struggled, I'd probably like it more.