Thursday, February 23, 2012

delicious (tiny) food.

last time i made bread, i used the miniature 
bread pan my mom bought for me.
so naturally, i had a lot of tiny bread.
here's what i made:

tiny grilled cheese sandwiches:
 tiny grilled cheese sandwiches with apple slices:
(shown here open-faced)
 tiny breakfast sandwiches:
(with bacon, eggs and cheese)
and in the spirit of tiny food, here's another (less-flattering) picture from my birthday cupcake concoction on super bowl day. sean was obviously very interested in the game and not in my birthday celebration. i think someone took this picture just as i was saying "thanks."


Ruth Dowling said...

I love everything so little!!!!! So so cute. And that pic of u is hilarious!!!!! Love xxoo

Sarah said...

omg. tiny food just LOOKS so so much yummier!! slash remember that one time in ruth's old apartment when she gave us baby-sized food to tell us how she was pregnant with little d and you were so shocked??? oh memories (: