Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"think you can get done with work early today?"

^ that's what sean asked me two weeks ago when he peeked his head into my edit bay at about 2PM on a thursday -- right in the middle of the week-long murder trial i was covering. 
less than three hours later, we were on the road to madison.
it was the indiana hoosiers (sean's fav team) going up against the hometown badgers in a big ten battle for bragging rights. too bad neither of them is as good as my buckeyes.
we got to go down on the floor for a bit. later we watched from the press box and it was a actually a really good game.
 much to sports boy's dismay, indiana lost.
but we still stopped to take a picture of how famous he is --
we turned around and headed back to wausau a little after 11PM.
we got back in the wee hours of the morning.
 and i was back at work at 7:30AM.
you're only young once, right?
 finally today, for your viewing pleasure -- 
sports boy tries to wear my winter coat.


Ruth Dowling said...

lol boys are eternally last minute and crazy. also that sports coat shot? priceless. boys are also so clueless. :) happy vday i love youuuuu

Sarah said...

<3 Sean trying to be like you. Like everyone else in the world.