Friday, February 10, 2012

the skiing (black and) blues.

i don't usually bruise very easily.
that changed when i went skiing for the first time last week.
enter: my good friend, danger phil.
he came from madison for the day to hang out and teach me to ski. if only he would have known how much of a task that would be...

we started with the bunny hill for a few runs (highlighted below in green) and then danger phil thought it would be a fun idea to take me on a more difficult route -- "miracle." it is a blue trail, which means the difficulty level is medium. we skied down it twice and's a miracle i didn't die. 
looking back, i had a really good time learning to ski. it was fun watching kids half my size whizzing past me at a zillion miles per hour as i crouched over my skis, silently praying that my bones wouldn't shatter into a million little pieces each time i went tumbling into the ground. danger phil says he's taught three people to ski on granite peak and i was the best. is anyone surprised by that?
i like to think i'm fairly fearless, which would explain the multiple bruises i've developed during the past week, but i turned out to be not-too-bad at skiing and hope to do it again someday (when someone else wants to pay for my ridiculously priced lift ticket and rental skis).

after our adventure, we went to the great dane to meet up with some of my little sister's former flames -- 
( :
they danced on the tables.
i watched.
here's me skiing.


Ruth Dowling said...

dustin laughed through this whole video. i thought it was pretty impressive the whole going down... a straight pathway. lol was there any steepness to that hill?? also your crazy danger friend phil has some mad video skills. awesome. did you shoot it with the iphone? it was not too bad for nighttime. winner winner i think you did awesome1

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Look at how fancy you are!

Sarah said...

Love those boys! Meaning especially just love you, of course. (: SO proud of you for skiing - we're brothers now officially or something...although I can't say I wasn't disappointed that there were no wipe-outs like I did my first time skiing...guess you're just a pro (:

PS when/where did you guys go if it was that empty of a skiing place?? That hill looked like it only had you + Danger Phil riding!