Wednesday, February 8, 2012

oh my goodness.

has it really been almost a month since the last time i posted here? yikes.
well, no worries, friends. i have a plan to make things up to you. 
i have readied four (yes, FOUR) blog posts that are scheduled to appear in the next few days. prepare yourself to catch up with my life, including my 25th birthday celebration, spontaneous trips to madison and A VIDEO OF ME SKIING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. if that doesn't make you want to come back for more, i don't know what will.

well, let me start by saying i've been working a lot lately.
it seems like ever since i moved to wisconsin, the place has been a hotbed for political craziness. my first interview ever (in september 2010) was with a gubernatorial candidate at one of his "brown bag lunch" outings. now, he's our governor and it's been a wild ride ever since. i went to madison last month as people gathered from across the state to turn in millions of signatures in an effort to recall him. 
 there have only been two successful governor recalls in U.S. history.
could this be #3?
 as a journalist, i'm not really allowed to pick sides here but it is interesting to see history happening right in front of me.
 i spent a frozen day in eagle river for the world championship snowmobile derby. all of these people stood out here pretty much all day to watch the races. also they wore animal fur hats. 
 also in some of the saddest news ever, my driver's license expired this weekend and now my last ties to the buckeye state have been officially severed. 
 apparently i was supposed to get my new license within 30 days of moving here so i suppose a year and a half later is almost as good. 

i also (!!!) had a very delightful time at the DMV. 
i know.
the guy who took all my money and information chatted with me about ohio sports and football and even told me to have a nice day when i left. my new license should be here later this week. now i will be an official wisconsinite.

anyway. stay tuned for some great updates.
this time...for real.


Sarah said...

wisconsinite!? nooooooooooooo!

kidding. i guess that's okay. it really takes a week to get your new license?? they gave mine to me right after i got my new one over the break - - and you know how they put the ID # of the person at the dmv that issues you your license (in case you didn't, that's what they do)?? well...apparently the SAME lady who gave me mine when I was 16 gave me my 1st new one over the break! she was so excited. it was so neat.

can't wait for more updates! (:

Ruth Dowling said...

lol i just found out our registration expired on my car... in december!!! what?!?! we probably have to get ohio plates too even though we will move and then have to get plates there. i think instead of worrying about nationalizing schools or healthcare we should worrya bout nationalizing car registrations. it really is a joke how much that stuff costs.

also... cant wait for more updates!!! i miss seeing you (and still think you should think about flying out to NYC with me for the end of the month...)