Wednesday, February 29, 2012

snow storms, spring cleaning, slingboxing, silly signs and snacks.

i am home and it's 3 PM on a wednesday afternoon.
last night was wausau's "snow-mageddon" so naturally, i was selected (chosen for punishment? just kidding) to work an overnight shift, put together two different stories starting around midnight -- then do live shots on our morning show between 5-7AM, record stand-ups for our ABC affiliates around the state and do live cut-ins during "good morning america" from 7-9 AM.

luckily, i was not alone (after 3:30 AM...before that, i was).
here's my favorite ohio-based forecaster, rob duns and photographer travis -- also doing live shots and showing viewers just how much snow and ice was out there this morning.
 honestly, it was pretty ridiculous.
want to watch me freezing in the snow in the wee hours of the AM?

the temps are hovering around freezing so a lot of the roads are better now, but it's still crazy to think we barely had any snow just a few short days ago and i got the spring cleaning bug.
one of my new fav things is watching tv while someone's slingboxing.
i know my parents watch when i'm on the news and lately my bff, emily had been watching some shows while she was on vacation. plus some of sean's family watches every once in a while too. it is always an adventure when i see that little red slinky blinking on top of my tv. who will i be watching with tonight? i never know.
 i didn't take a picture of it, but at some point last week i saw that the slingbox was working so i turned on my tv to see what was on. it was "the transformers" movie. i'm still not sure who was watching then, but i'm glad somebody's getting use out of my cable since i'm barely home enough to watch at all. also that whoever it was had been watching "the transformers."

sean introduced me to a delicious new place to eat this month.
it's "townline market" -- very close to work with a funny sign.
 "hot soups, hot sandwiches and hot guys."
haha. yes, please.

also sean helped me make pizza last week (read: rolled the too-cold pizza dough into a crust since i'm a wimpy kid and chopped onions in a very professional manner to put on top of it while i prepped a lot of the other toppings). it was SO GOOD. barbecue sauce, chicken, green peppers, red onions, pineapple and cheese. 
 i've been doing a lot of random cooking lately -- most recently, cinnamon raisin swirl bread (not pictured), chocolate dipped mint meltaways (not pictured), my version of pastel de fideos (which turned into a glorified baked mac & cheese -- still delicious though)...
...and these yummy deseret book lion rolls.
also my sunday school class has requested chocolate-covered bacon.
next week is fast sunday but we'll see after that.
and can you believe february is practically over?! crazy.
happy leap day!


Carole said...

You might like this one.

Sarah said...

"and hot guys" hahahahah. slash OH MY YUMMY FOOD. i want some of those lion rolls </3 it's a good thing they don't sell those in the byu bookstore...could be bad news bears if they did. can't wait to see the chocobacon...DK would just love, maybe you can send him some express (;