Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hello, america.

it was cool to watch the inauguration today. i don't think i've ever watched the big speech before. in fact, i wonder why i didn't watch it last year. probably because i was at school.

wow. how did i not watch the inauguration last time around? how is it that at a high school, we were not forced to pause classes for a few minutes and watch our president say a few words about the future of our country? or four years before that, when i was in 8th grade...that surely seems old enough to understand the magnitude of a new president's first speech.

i hope schools today stopped for a minute. because, whether you like it or not, this is history. regardless of who you voted for two months ago, you have a new president. and he's going to be a big part of how everything in life goes for the next few years, at the very least.

haha. and the benediction was kind of awesome. i didn't realize you could crack jokes during a prayer, but apparently you can.

so...go america. here's to (ever) getting out of recession, ending these ridiculous wars and going back to being an awesome world power.


Mrs. D said...

haha um i'm pretty sure that the inauguration speech is only once every four years :) but i agree, it was awesome

anna. said...

i meant last time around.

you know what i meant. omg.

Michelle said...

I was into it also. I was proud to be an American eventhough I voted for the other guy :)Obama sure is an awesome speaker, isn't he?

anna. said...

he did give a really nice speech. short, precise and serious enough so we know he means business.

it's an interesting shift from when he was just a candidate. but now he's president. so yeah.