Friday, January 23, 2009

zoning out

lately, i've noticed myself thinking a little too much. is that possible? i mean, obviously we're all always thinking. it's just a matter of what you are thinking about and when.

like yesterday. i was driving down state street, thinking about the story i'm working on this week, and suddenly nothing looked familiar. i wondered if i had gone too far, but i knew that road so well that i would have ended up at the mall in that case. then i really started wondering if i had turned onto another road or something crazy like that. nothing sounded right. a few seconds later, i realized i was indeed on a familiar stretch of road and that i am just crazy. maybe i momentarily forgot? i don't know. but it's started to happen a lot lately.

i'll be in class and i will be thinking about something and then suddenly i hear the professsor talking and i wonder how long i have been not-listening. it's kind of a not-good thing. my mind is just wandering. i've got a lot to think about...but still. crazy.

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