Monday, January 26, 2009

yeah okay.

it's been a crazy weekend. went to salt lake twice (once for the adele / james morrison concert, again for the jazz / cavs game), was home hardly at all and got practically nothing done.

this seems to be a trend in my weekends.

i took a nap today. i think that sunday naps are probably the best things there ever were. makes me want to sleep for days (which is probably not good) but also i love them. and i think that if you fill your life only with things that you love, then you're doing pretty alright.

if i filled my life with only things that i loved, i would be sleeping a lot. also there would be a lot of books. and running shoes. and strawberry orange sunrise yogurt. and maps. and black and white pictures. and movies. and hot showers. and pj pants. and pancakes. life would be pretty full.

* * * * *

i think everyone is a little lactose intolerant. i mean, it's not a personalized hypothesis that is based on my own scientific research...but i think it's pretty accurate. just some people can handle more than others. i think it might also be hereditary, but i'm not sure. science is so beyond me sometimes.


Austin said...

It is hereditary.
And people were never meant to drink milk into adulthood, much less the milk of a cow. But there is science to show that the human body has adapted to do well with dairy. Just so you know.

anna. said...

dear austin.

how do you know so many things?

from anna.