Monday, January 19, 2009

my favorite country in africa: cameroon

i forgot to buy a book yesterday. but i did get a lot of other stuff done. my room is finally live-in-able and things have a place and i'm FINALLY unpacked and happy.

and i have a map of the world. and it's awesome.

i took a class a few years ago and the professor made us memorize all the countries in the entire world. it was like the hardest thing ever. i mean, the americas are not so bad. australia is pretty basic. somehow, though europe was the hardest for me. africa came really easily and i can still pick each country in africa out on the map. it's kind of cool. plus when you look at something that big and you see how little you are in comparison, it makes you think.

there's more out there than just me. so much more.

and now i want to go see it.

tomorrow though...i'm buying a book.

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