Saturday, January 17, 2009

"what day is it?"

this is the first thought that pops into my head as my too-tired brain struggles to remember where i left my phone / alarm clock / whatever-i-had-set-to-wake-me-up so that i can turn it off. it's the question of questions because i wake up at different times every day for classes or work or even if i don't have much to do that day, since otherwise i would surely sleep the day away.

the next question that fills my mind shortly thereafter: "can i change the alarm and sleep a little bit longer before i actually have to get up?"

the answer is almost invariably yes.

today it is saturday. it is the first day in weeks that i have absolutely nothing planned. i need to do laundry and i want to buy a book. that is everything that is on the radar for the entire day.

today will be awesome.

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