Tuesday, December 30, 2008

here, but only just a little.

i've been in ohio for a week and a half now. i already feel incredibly far removed from utah. i mean...was it really just a few days ago that i was going to finals and working in the newsroom and living in my own room and driving my car and making fires in my fireplace and driving up to slc to hang out and working in the theatre??

seems like a million years ago.

it's never the same when i come back here. i mean, there's a lot of the same people. it's fun to hang out with them and i always seem to make a few new friends when i come back. but somehow...everything is always a little different. i was here and then i left. there's a definite disconnect here. obviously i always know this will happen. it's still always kind of weird. things keep going after i leave. and i keep going after i go, too.

everytime i come here, i wonder if it will be the last time. sometimes it seems like it might be easier to leave and never come back. and yet...there's still a lot here.

everyone keeps asking. and honestly, i don't know.

so much has happened. so much i'm happy about and so much i'm angry about and so much that i'm confused about and so much that i just can't believe at all. so much. and it's only been a week.5. double weird that a week from right now...i'll be back in provo.

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