Friday, December 12, 2008

in anticipation of the weekend

so it's friday. i realize that the past few weekends have shown my extreme lack of discipline when it comes to cracking down on the weekend. i would have to say that my productivity level for the last few weekends is hovering around 7%. not that my free-wheeling-weekend activities have made me turn in things late or anything that would make me do terribly in school. just that i think i could be more productive if i tried. so the big question is...will this weekend be different?

only time will tell.

in other news, i just got this program that changes my desktop background to different pictures every couple of minutes. it is super cool and i feel like a complete loser for being so excited. but for real. it is TOTALLY AWESOME.

plus i still want to see nick and norah's infinite playlist. is it even still in theatres? seems like movies just make their rounds to the theatres, then move off the screens without much recognition or anything. and then it takes FOREVER to come to dvd. frustrating. maybe by the time i get around to seeing it, i can just rent it. oh well. for whatever reason, i really really want to see it.

and by "whatever reason," i really mean michael cera.

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