Wednesday, December 24, 2008

practically christmas. omg.

nothing like christmas break to totally break any good habits you have formed over the course of a semester (such as eating and sleeping on a semi-regular basis) and turn you into something ridiculous and crazy that stays up late and works all the time and hangs out at other people's houses til the wee hours of the morning and lives out of a suitcase.

okay. i guess i always work a lot.

anyways, i would probably be lying if i said that i had even anticipated this "vacation" to be anything close to relaxing. between balancing a job, old friends, newer friends, family, my own personal time (for sleeping, running, or whatever) and everything else, there really isn't time to relax. at least when i get back, it will be a whole new slew of classes that i can fall behind in, instead of the ones i've already given up on in the past few months.

speaking of which, i'm thinking of getting a hobby. i won't be working nearly as much next semester and i will need to think of something to fill my time with. so far, i don't have any leads. but i'm working on it.

yay christmas tomorrow. glad i spent way more money than i had.

but if you can't spend too much money on the people you actually like in life, what's the point in saving it for dumb things for yourself for whatever else during the year? that's what i decided.

p.s. did i mention i had ridiculous layovers for the first time in my life this christmas? i spent an extra six hours in the salt lake airport (omg) plus a few more at o'hare. i guess everyone's got to pay their christmas layover dues sometime in their life...this happened to be my year. awesome.

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