Monday, December 8, 2008

day five.

i started a facebook fast last week. it's been pretty fulfilling so far and after a while, i hardly notice it. i've never been a facebook fiend, but i always found myself looking at it when i knew i should have been doing other things. i tried to fool myself, saying that i was just browsing as i settled down for the night and collected my thoughts, but then i decided that i could just do without it for a while. so that's how it started.

it's been since last thursday. i feel pretty proud about it. i wonder about what's happening there without me, but at the same time...i don't really care. if anything super-important happens, i'll find out somehow.

i think i'll do it at least til this next thursday. that's the last day of classes, and if i can finish everything for my classes without stupid distractions like that, i'll be happy.

with that said, i love facebook. while it can be time-consuming and crazy, i definitely keep up with a lot of people through it, which is definitely nice. if i had the choice between never talking to people and sending messages via facebook every once in a while...i think it's way better to stay in touch. just...not this week. maybe next week, when i'm less stressed and busy.

time for class. we're doing an in-class final for the class i teach. everyone is surprised when i tell them i teach a class for byu...yes -- real undergraduate students come to my class and i teach them. no, i'm not the t.a. i'm the teacher. and i'm awesome.

i'm even bringing brownies to the final. what more could a class ask for?


Mrs. D said...

i wish i was in your class. i could go for some brownies right now yumm

Austin said...

You teach a class? Wow.
I've thought about doing the exact same fast, but never had the resolve to do it. Maybe I will now that I've seen your example. Let us know how it goes.