Monday, December 1, 2008

we got a christmas tree!!

back home in ohio, we always had a fake tree. i guess i never really thought much about it, but emily really wanted a real tree for our tonight we got one. this guy that andrew knows has a bit of land and there's some christmas trees there. so tonight after fhe, we loaded up in the truck and headed up to the mountains to begin our search.

emily was super-excited to get a tree.

it was really cold out, even though it's been super-nice weather lately (around 50's today in the afternoon). it was icy up there in the mountains and the path was steep and we slipped a lot. but finally...we found it. the perfect tree!!

andrew, our resident fire-fighter-slash-tree-chopper-down-er was sawwing away as i clung to the trunk for dear life to try to "steady it" so his job would be easier. i don't know how much help that was, but he said it was good and we got it down pretty quick. you can see me a little bit in that picture (black sweatshirt, white writing). then andrew carried the tree and me and emily slid down the mountain on our butts (since it was safer than walking...)

we ended up having to trim it a bit when we got home since it's too big for upstairs living room but we still wanted it up there. it's huge. also awesome. hopefully it doesn't die before we get around to decorating it later this week. yay christmas!!!


Mrs. D said...

what a fatty tree. i'm jealous!

Austin said...

You should pour in really hot water pretty regularly. It keeps the base of the tree open, keeps the sap from just closing it up. Trust me, I worked at a tree lot last year.