Sunday, November 30, 2008

this weekend

it's been...interesting.

got to hang out with some of the guys from freshman year today. that felt really old-school. it's weird when they all get back's not like i've been sitting around doing nothing and waiting for them all to get home. don't get me wrong -- i am ecstatic to see all of them and hang out with them and see how the missions were and tell them about what i've been up to. but there's always something different. i've been alive for two whole years without them. sometimes that's a hard thing to think about.

hah. sometimes i wish i could see into the future -- see if this random most-of-the-day hangout turns back into a few years ago when i used to hang out with these guys all the time. it's different now though. everyone lives pretty far, at least more than just a few doors down like we're used to. not that that's insurmountable, just that it changes things. regardless of how it turns out, two years has definitely changed a lot.

i guess it's better not to know. i wonder what it would be like to know everything that was supposed to happen before it did. i imagine it would make things pretty anticlimactic. so i guess this is the way to go.

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