Saturday, November 29, 2008

and then i got an ipod touch

thanksgiving break is almost over!!!

and guess what i've accomplished? next to nothing.

i refuse to accept total responsibility for this, though. how was i supposed to know that the library would close on wednesday before 6PM and that emily's family would come and we would hang out with them nonstop and i would spend all day thursday with the daniels family? so many things were just out of my control.

at least i have done some things. i've gone running a few times. i (finally) went to the library and got some really good books that i can work with now on my research projects. i went shopping with emily and hung out with her brothers and sister and collin and andrew and ruth and drew and jarom. and i've successfully ruined my sleeping habits once again. just when i started sleeping a decent amount on a semi-regular basis...thanksgiving happens. rrr. oh well.

well, it's been a good break. time to crack down -- go running one more time, shower and then work on homework for the rest of the day. fabulous.

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