Wednesday, November 19, 2008

space case

it's been a strange semester for me for a lot of reasons. i'm probably (read: definitely) spreading myself too thin between everything and i've been getting sick / headaches a lot. cause and effect relationship? perhaps. but i've always been somewhat of a multitasker, and i would much rather be busy than bored, so i don't want to sound like i'm complaining. i wouldn't give up any of my alter lives, but sometimes weird things happen and it makes me wonder if i need a break.

like today. i had just dropped off cody (my awesome ex-home-teacher) at the hospital so they could put more plates and screws into his foot and was coming back to campus for a meeting. it was pretty bright out, but it's been really nice lately so that wasn't unusual. the weird thing was that i was walking...and i noticed myself open my eyes.

this doesn't sound so bad. having your eyes open is a pretty typical thing for people. the weird thing was that, since i had to open them, that meant that they were closed for some undisclosed amount of time. granted, i was still okay, still walking, still alive, so it must not have been for very long. but still. i didn't remember closing my eyes, since i usually don't when i'm trying to get from one place to another, but apparently i did.

maybeeee. i'm going crazy.

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Austin said...

get some sleep, anna. get some sleep.